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Scarlet Staff: Bumblee
Hiya, I am Bumblee the resident bee with the elastic - !!*TWANG*!! - imagination. Thanks to Goolies I joined Scarlet around 7 years ago and have been one of the staff for at least 6 of those years.
What do I do? Well, an interesting question. I am not techy, though sometimes I say things that must be far too technical in another respect as I watch, with amusement, as the comment sails straight over heads with a *whoosh*. My imagination - that often runs away with me - has been useful. Bumblenut Park supplies unlimited quantities of honey that is used rather like pouring oil on troubled waters and it has another use, in the honeyblaster - very useful for slightly troublesome spods.
In life outside of Scarlet I am a Retail Service Manager onboard trains. A high falluting title which simply means Senior Stewardess. As for age, I have a mental age of 10 upwards which is adjusted as need be, though it would be fair to say I contribute towards boosting the average age for the talker ;-)
Like the bumble bee I take more time to come to a decision on important matters. Let me illustrate - yes, there she goes again ;-)
BumbleeSomeone puts an idea on the table. The "snap decision makers" will give it the barest glance and run with the idea irrespective of the consequences. I frustrate the daylights out of this group as I pick up the same idea and ponder over it - rather like exploring outside of the box. In the meantime the "snap decision makers", if awaiting your response to something, will be really "chomping at the bit" almost willing you to hurry up. - Hmmm, I think it is time to put the kettle on for a kipper_tie, tea anyone??..............
A the end of the day we are all residents/users on Scarlet and we all contribute in some way to making Scarlet a great place to be. There always has to be some to monitor, fix, change and add things to ensure the talker remains a fun place to be for all.
Finally, a wee tip for you. Puff the Scarlet dragon has a very sweet tooth. If you get on the wrong side of him he can be won over with choccy and even a hug though do be careful, his skin is not exactly smooth.
Right, off back to my flower on Scarlet to chat with the spods.
Bumblee buzzing out - ZZUB ZZUB!