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Scarlet Staff
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Scarlet Staff: Milky
I'm not really milky; that's just a nick that everyone seems to call me. I've been using scarlet for 2-3 years (I forget precisely) after Goolies convinced me to login. I've known Goolies and Bumblee online for years. Them's so lucky.
Away from scarlet, I pretend to be a hard-working IT consultant, working mostly with unix and perl, but sometimes I let myself loose with some C or Assembler.
I do a fair bit of cycling and you may often see me complaining about "that bloody bike" when it's gone and broken itself again. Either that or ebay.
I'm almost always up for a pub trip and a quick conversation therein
I own far too much music and not enough disk space. I'm off to rip some more mp3s now