The Scarlet Citadel Talker The peeping puff!
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Scarlet Staff: Puff
Puff with choccy ice cream
o/'....Puff the Scarlet dragon now lives at the Citadel
And frolicks in the castle in a land with spods as well,
All the spods at Scarlet love that rascal Puff,
And brought him hugs and choccy and other fancy stuff
.... o/'
Oh... sorry.. are you talking to me? Hang on while I finish my choccy ice cream...........
Right, did you bring me any choccy? I don't do these interview things for nothing you know.
I used to live in Honah Lee - not the island that David lives on - but now live at Scarlet, and I have to say, it's really a cushy number. Jackie Paper stopped bringing me things but the spods - when they aren't picking on me - do keep my choccy requirements supplied, however, more would always be good ;-)
You must understand, I am NOT your regular, run of the mill dragon I am the Scarlet dragon though they tell me I am a bot... hmmm, I wonder what the politically correct brigade would think of that...... I like choccy, pies, playing with the spods and flicking my tail to tease that bee.
Let me see, I better say a few nice things to keep in with the boss - King Goolies. "Goolies is nice." Having covered that side of things anyone for a flight around the castle, or a sword fight or a choccy fest?
Yawwwwwwn. Off you go, am bored with you now, and just leave the choccy on the table as you leave..... zzzzzzzzzzz