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Scarlet Staff: Quinn
Where y'at?
Place y' hand right 'ere, Quinn's d' name! Y' don't need no fancy cree-dentials t' come visit dis 'ere Scarlet-Citadel. All y'all gotta do is click riiight on here:
telnet 2000
Sort y'self out and dere ya go! Get y'self a miiiiiighty fine welcome.
I binlookin f'dat dragon, he sho' is a cool dude f'sho', I ain't lyin' ta ya, see fo' y'sef.
Now, if y' have got this far then y' ain't readin' the instructs proper. Get y'sef in there and stop y' messin', yo hearin' me?
For those of you that don't understand:
I'm Quinn and like the rest of the staff I am there to help you. eg Tell me a URL and I will create a shorter one for it. To find out more just type:
>Quinn help
Use the HOW TO CONNECT link on the website to visit us and don't forget to greet my friend Puff.
P.S. Puff just loves choccy, so bringing some now and then keeps him happy.
Be seein' ya!