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Connecting to Scarlet
Scarlet is service which you connect to via telnet. Most operating systems come with a telnet client bundled in them somewhere, so the chances are you're ready to connect to Scarlet right now!

Scarlet's address to connect to is and runs on port 2000.

Instructions for: Microsoft Windows

  • Connecting using PuTTY (download required)
  • Connecting using Windows telnet.exe (instant)
  • Connecting using MUSHclient (download required)
  • Instructions for: Linux/UNIX

  • Connecting with TinyFugue (tf) (download required)
  • Connecting using telnet (instant)
  • We hope to see you there soon! If you do encounter any problems, see the 'Who can I contact?' section to contact the Scarlet Staff, who will be happy to help you out with any problems you may have.